Take Me To the Airport!

I had the best time ever during my vacation in Italy! It is so nice to chill out, get a room with a view and enjoy the beauty of relaxing – especially when you’re phoneless for 5 days! I got to stay at the friendliest place – Villa D’este and ate the best pasta in the world and even met a new friend, a cute guard guy in Bellagio! XoX Betsey









Betsey DIY

If you love DIY and Betsey, here’s the perfect project for ya! You can find fun iron-on letters only at your local Michael’s store!! 


Step 1: Pick a piece of clothing or tote that you want to Betsey-fy. (I chose a hot pink crop top from a thrift shop)

Step 2: Lay out the garment on an ironing board

Step 3: Cut apart the letters you want to use and remove the clear plastic top sheet from each letter. Cut plastic closer to the edge so it is easier to remove

Step 4: Put the letters in the desired area and align to your liking

Step 5: Cover all the letter with a cotton cloth (I used a plain white t-shirt)

Step 6: Apply the heated iron with steady pressure to the cloth covered letters for about 20-30 seconds

Step 7: Remove the press cloth, but be careful as the cloth and letters will be hot!! 

Step 8: Carefully turn your newly customized garment inside out and press with the iron for an additional 15 seconds to secure the letters

Step 9: Set the garment aside and lay it flat to cool for 1 minute

Step 10: Rock your newly customized and Betsey-fied garment!!

Note: Do not wash item for up to 24 hours. To wash, turn garment inside and hand wash in cool water and air dry. Do not bleach


Everyone loves the little black dress – it’s a classic go-to! Add a flirty and fun twist with a statement jewelry or colorful pumps. Complete the look with bold red lips! 

Beauty Post!

The beauty products I use range anywhere from $3-$100. I’m not picky about where I get my goods! My must-haves are fake eyelashes, red lipstick and nail polish!

I say, being happy keeps you beautiful. Happy = beauty = happy = beauty!

A favorite quote of mine is “age is a matter of mind and if you don’t’ mind it doesn’t matter”

XoX Betsey


Literary Eye Candy! 

Check me out! I created a fun drawing and outfit for the American legend, Barbie!! XoX Betsey

Color Me Betsey winners!

I am so happy to announce the winners of my #ColorMeBetsey contest -It was so fun to see all of your creative pictures, I loved them all! Can’t wait to do another contest soon!!

Give yourself a round of applause!! XoX  👏

Grand prize winner: @rae_z_dazzle

Runner-up: @ nailstaglam

Autograph and swag bag winners: